Can You Turn Wind Energy into Electricity, to Easily Power Much of Your Home and Reduce Your Electric Bills?

Wind Electricity GeneratorYes!

Wind Generators that Turn Wind Energy into Electricity are the answer.  When the wind turns windmills that turn electric generators, they turn wind energy into electricity.  This can be either on a large, industrial scale to power whole towns, or smaller home based wind generators that create electricity that can be used for powering our homes and reducing our electric bills.  Also, when we turn wind energy into electricity, we put less demand on our earth’s natural resources.  This will make life better for future generations who live on our planet.

There are only four basic parts to a wind power system for your home;

  • The Windmill that is turned by the wind
  • The Generator that actually converts the rotary energy from the windmill into electricity
  • Batteries to store the electricity for when the wind is calm
  • An inverter to convert the Direct Current from the Wind Generator or the Batteries to the Alternating Current that is used in all the devices around your home: lights, TV, refrigerator, etc.

Simple, effective – and efficient.

It is also possible to add a special device that attaches the power coming from the wind system to the utility wires coming from the power company.  This way, when the wind is turning the generator, but if your demand is low – for instance when you are at work – you may actually be sending power back to the electrical grid – for which the power company pays YOU.  This can make a significant reduction in your electric bill every month.  Truly a winning situation.

MP3 PlayerAs a side note, the simple DC current that comes directly from the wind generator can actually charge the batteries in your cell phone, flashlight, MP3 player, or many other rechargeable devices – even your laptop computer.  A simple connection to the wires coming from the generator will give you a handy place to plug in these devices to be charged – and if the wind is right, you can be charging them overnight while you sleep.  Another significant advantage of charging your small battery operated devices with wind power is that you won’t leave the regular wall powered charger plugged in.

This is good as, even when they are not charging your devices, these so called, “wall warts” still consume a small amount of power.  Each one consumes very little power - so called, "Phantom Power," but when you leave a bunch of them plugged in around the house, as many people do, it adds up to quite a few more cents worth of electricity that you are paying for each month.  Unplug the wall warts, and recharge your devices with energy from the wind, and not only will you save money, but you will reduce overall demand for electrical power.  Less of a drain on your local utility company – and our planet... and because it is the wind, it is pretty much free.  Another win/win.

Here is an article that looks a little deeper at "Phantom Power."

There are many excellent books available to help you examine the costs and payback and either add wind power to your home yourself, or have a professional do it for you. Either way, it will be good for you, good for the planet, and good for future generations.