Power Save in the Home Office with Energy Star Certified Equipment

Energy StarAs you look to power save in your home office when you purchase original and replacement equipment for your home office, you will be setting yourself up for savings by purchasing Energy Star Certified equipment like energy efficient computers, an energy efficient laptop, energy efficient monitors, printers, speakers, scanners, etc. Not only will you save money every day as you use them, but also Energy Star choices are greener choices. Every piece of power saving Energy Star rated equipment will consume less energy while in use (saves you money day in and day out), and also “put itself to sleep” faster – therefore “power save” when not in use... less energy used, less cost to you, and less greenhouse gas emissions for the earth. Smart, Energy Star, office equipment purchases give you a money saving and earth saving way to do business every day. Look for Energy Star choices as you buy:

Cumputer MonitorComputers – Most of us who work in home offices have at least a desktop computer, and possibly a laptop too. Usually, you are working on at least one of them almost all day. And, of course, it’s too easy to put in a few hours on the weekend, so more computer time there. For instance, on Sunday afternoon, I have my computer on to put up that morning’s sermon on the church web site. Obviously, an Energy Start certified computer is a great power saving here.

Also, make sure you take full advantage of all the power management/power save settings your computer has to offer; from temporary “sleep,” all the way to automatic full power down if you are away too long – like a meal break or when you go out of office for an appointment. Pretty picture Screen Savers for your monitor actually don't power save... unless you set it to go, “blank.” Then it will save money and save the screen.

A better choice, of course, for those Out of Office times, is to just turn the computer completely off, then turn it back on when you get back. And when you Power Down, either when you leave the office for a few hours, or at the end of the day, put all your peripherals: printers, scanners, speakers, external drives, etc., on an energy saving switched power strip, then, once the computer is off, switch the power strip off to cut out all the, “phantom power” drain from those devices.

Computer MonitorEnergy Star Monitors – the power save Energy Star standards for computer monitors are quite rigorous. When the monitor goes into “sleep mode,” it must consume 2 watts or less. And, more stringent, when “Off,” it must use less than one watt. Strict standards such as these make your monitor last longer by reducing heat buildup, and save you a lot of power – and money. In addition, the reduced heat buildup reduces your need for air conditioning – saving you more money.

Rechargeable Batteries – Today, with portable and cell phones, smart phones, portable computing devices, portable music devices, PDAs, portable voice recorders, digital cameras and many more, we use LOTS of batteries – and they all need to be ready to go to keep our businesses going.
First, make sure you are using rechargeable batteries everywhere you can. You will save a lot of money on battery purchases every day. Insuring that the battery charger you are using is Energy Star certified, you may save up to 35 percent of the electricity compared to a non-Energy Star charger.

Energy Efficient Switched Power StripEnergy Efficient Switched Power Strips – A very good solution is to use two energy efficient power strips: one for your various battery chargers, and one for your computer peripherals. In the morning, when you start your day, switch on the computer peripherals, and switch off the battery chargers. At the end of the day, switch off the computer peripherals, and switch on the battery chargers while you recharge your mobile devices overnight. This way, you cut phantom power drain to a minimum – and save money while being earth friendly. A side benefit of this is, should you be facing a big electrical storm with lots of lighting, you can shut everything down AND turn off the power strips, isolating your valuable office equipment from any damaging power surges.

Taking advantage of Energy Star certified equipment will help you save money as you run your business, so always look for this certification whenever you buy equipment for your home office and small business.

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