Energy Saving at Home

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tips to Save Money by Conserving Energy at Home

Home energy saving tips are the best way to cut energy bills. They start with conserving electricity at home.

How to Save Electricity? It’s very easy when you stop and think about it. You have the power to choose. The important thing is every time you turn on something that uses energy; always think about our energy conservation ideas and ways to conserve energy. You’ll save a great deal of energy, reduce your utility bills and save money, reduce resources used to create the power, and save it for future generations on our planet. Even if you create renewable power with your own wind and solar generators, if you use less, you will have more for other things - more comfortable living.

What are the top 15 Easy Energy Saving Tips to reduce energy costs?

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #1
Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Compact Fluorescent (CFL) BulbsOne of the easiest energy saving in the home tips to save money, is to reduce energy consumption by changing old style incandescent light bulbs to energy saving compact fluorescent (CFL) or L.E.D. bulbs. Invest in these energy efficient bulbs and quickly create an energy cost savings of up to 80% out of the approximately 10% of your electric bill that goes to home lighting. I’ve changed about 75% of the lights in my house to CFL bulbs, and estimate that we save about $50 (US) every year. Since the bulbs much cost less than that, the payback is immediate and ongoing.

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #2
Turn Off the Lights When You Leave the Room

Light Switch OffOften overlooked in energy efficient homes, this easy energy saver will painlessly give you energy cost savings. Trouble remembering to turn off lights as you leave the room? Use motion sensing switches and modules to do this automatically for you. In addition, it’s great when you come into the house after dark with your hands full ... the lights automatically turn on for you. Outdoors, motion sensing switches automatically light your way from your parked car to your doorway and give your home added security while conserving electricity to save money.

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #3
Use More Daylight

Another of our easy energy saving tips to save money is ... open the shades and turn off the lights - even if they are energy saving compact fluorescent (CFL) or L.E.D. bulbs. Temper this easy energy saver a bit depending on the time of year. Closed blinds keep heat in the house in the winter - but the sunlight helps add warmth - especially on windows facing the sun - and sunlight streaming in eliminates the need for additional lights conserving electricity to save money. Of course, adding skylights to your home will always allow more daylight in and let you keep the lights off for more energy cost savings. In addition, an exciting new technology is the "Light Tube." This is for rooms that do not have direct access to the roof where a normal skylight would be. This easy energy saver "pipes" the light from a skylight, through a reflective tube, into the room - so you don’t need to turn the lights on as much for more electric energy savings and money saving.

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #4
Turn Down (or Up) the Thermostat

Programmable ThermostatAnother one of the best home energy saving energy solutions to save money is to set your programmable home thermostat for cooler temperatures in the winter months, and warmer temperatures in the summer. This subtle energy saving tip is one of the best - and easiest - ways of conserving energy. Home heating and cooling consumes a large portion of your annual energy bill, so home energy saving here will reduce energy costs and cut a lot of money from your energy bills, and, of course, it is better for our planet. In addition, on forced air heating and cooling systems, for greater home energy efficiency, replace the filters frequently. The increased airflow will provide more comfort at greater energy cost savings.

Here is an interesting article on how reprogramming our thermostat saved us money.

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #5
Air-Dry Dishes

DishwasherHow to save energy with your dishwasher? Air-dry your dishes. Many newer dishwasher models, especially Energy Star® (in the U.S.) models, feature a money saving and energy saving "Air Dry" setting that bypasses the normal heated air-drying cycle, and pops open the door to quickly dry the warm dishes and reduce energy costs. If your dishwasher does not have this home energy saving idea, you can manually open the door after the last rinse for your own energy efficient money and electricity saving air-dry feature.

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #6
Use Energy Efficient Appliances

As you replace your older, less energy efficient refrigerator, cook stove, home heating, water heating, air conditioning, and clothes washing and drying appliances, always look for the Energy Star Label (in the US -- look for equivalent Energy Rating qualifications in other parts of our world). Compare the expected annual energy use for the particular appliance, and buy the one that costs the least to run. Make sure you include the purchase price of your energy saving products in your cost comparisons. This also increases demand for energy efficient appliances, and with increased demand will come increased supply - and lower cost.

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #7
Eliminate "Phantom Power" Drain

Switched Power StripOne of the best energy saving tips to save money and conserve energy is the energy savings that comes from controlling the power used by electronic devices when they are supposedly "switched off." Today, many electronic devices, even so-called energy efficient appliances, actually continue to consume power when you turn them off. In addition, devices with remote controls or clocks consume power all the time. And the chargers for our cell phones and portable music players consume electricity as long as they are plugged in, even when they are not actually charging your device. Therefore, the best energy saving idea is to conserve energy by unplugging these devices or putting them on energy saving products like smart switched power strips or manual switched power strips so you can disconnect them from electricity when they are not in use. This kind of home energy efficiency helps you save energy and save money every day.

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #8
Eliminate Computer Phantom Power

ComputerAnother big consumer of "Phantom Power" is our computers, so for electric energy savings turn the computer and peripherals OFF when not in use. Plug the computer, monitor, speakers, printers, external drives, scanners, etc., into a "Switched Power Strip." Then, when you will be away from the computer for a few hours or more, save energy and save money by shutting down the computer and switching off the external power strip. This is a major home energy savings over the course of a year.

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #9
Use Appliances Efficiently

Clothes WasherFor home energy savings, use appliances at peak energy efficiency. First, only wash full loads - but if you must wash a small load, use lower water settings, and, of course, for a real, "how to save energy," always wash in cold water. Reduce energy costs: hang clothes to air dry to save that much more energy and money. When you do use the dryer, use the automatic moisture sensing drying cycle, and always clean the lint filter for maximum airflow. Set your refrigerator to an energy saving 38° - 42° F (3° - 6° C), and conserve energy with your freezer at 0° - 5° F (-17° - 15° C) - colder than this does not make food last longer, so keeping it at this temperature saves money. Another easy energy saver: set your domestic hot water a few degrees cooler - you won’t notice the reduced temperature, and you will save energy. Quick and easy!

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #10
Seal the Cracks

Calking WindowAnother very easy energy saver for energy efficient homes is a home energy audit. You can take this action gradually, and increase home energy efficiency with some easy to apply steps. Close all the windows and doors as tightly as you can. Then turn on any exhaust fans that you have to force air to come into your home wherever it can. Walk around your home and hold a moistened hand in front of all the cracks, borders, and seams around all your windows, doors, and any other place where there could be an opening to the outside. You will feel coolness on your moist hand wherever air is coming in. Seal those leaks, and you reduce energy costs. Easy!

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #11
Energy Saving Windows

WindowsIf you are planning any remodeling, plan to increase your energy efficiency with new energy efficient windows. This is one of the great ways to conserve energy and save money. This is one of the great ways to conserve energy and save money. Newer windows actually have two panes of glass sealed together with an inert gas between the layers to drastically cut the amount of energy that is lost through the window. This means less heat gets out during the cooler weather and less heat gets in during the warmer weather. They also have reflective coatings that transmit light, but reduce the heat transmission. Depending on when your home was built, these new technology windows may reduce energy consumption by quite a bit, quickly offsetting the investment. And, of course, look for rebates and tax credits for energy saving in the home improvements.

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #12
Energy Saving Plantings

Home with PlantingsPlant shade trees around your energy efficient home. Deciduous trees that lose their leaves during the winter provide shade in warmer weather and allow the sun through for warming in the cooler weather to save money. Plant shrubs around the base of your home with about a 1-foot (.3 meter) air space between the shrubs and the house wall. This is an energy cost savings with an insulating air layer to help keep the home warmer in the winter and cooler during the summer.

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #13
Low Flow Showerheads

Shower HeadShowering is a great place for energy saving in the home. Replace your old showerhead with newer Low Flow (1.5 gpm) shower heads. You will use less hot water - and save energy and save money every time you shower.

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #14
Home Energy Audit

Nice HomeEnergy saving in the home starts with ... the home. Everyone’s home leaks energy. Some just a bit, others a lot. Good energy conservation and management tells us to look around our homes to find the places that we "leak energy" and money - a Do it Yourself Home Energy Audit. We might need calking around our doors and windows, or between the foundation and the walls. Possibly add more insulation in the attic or crawl space - or in the walls. Leaking faucets are leaking energy, especially if it is a hot water faucet. Ductwork that carries warm or cool through unheated spaces may need insulation around it. Hot water pipes, both heat and domestic hot water, should be insulated against heat loss. Walk around the house. Look very hard at possible places where energy can be lost, and then repair. You will wind up with an energy efficient home and will save energy and save money.

Top 15 Home Energy Saving Tip #15

Pedestrian Crossing SignStepping outside the home, whenever possible, instead of firing up the car, walk. You will save all that gas and the money it costs. In addition, of course, cars that get higher mileage will cost you even less when you actually do have to use them.

One of the best things you can do at home to save
energy and money is a
Do It Yourself Energy Audit.

Dave Andersen has an outstanding and extremely complete DIY Energy Audit Kit. It includes everything you need starting with very complete instructions, and it contains several Excel Spreadsheets that will help you calculate where your energy is going and how best to inprove your home's energy efficiency and save you money.

Conserving Electricity at home makes it easy to be an easy energy saver. The important thing is always think about ways to consume less energy. Switch off or unplug anything you’re not using. You’ll save a great deal of energy, reduce your utility bill, reduce resources used to create the power, and save it for future generations of people on our planet. Even if you create the power with your own wind and solar generators, if you use less, you will have more for other things -- and for future generations.

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