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The Home Energy Audit - The Best Way to Save Energy and Save Money

Somehow, your energy costs never seem to go down much. Wonder why?

Save Energy Save Money - Two Tools Together Do a Better Job

One of the best ways to make sure you use energy in the best, and most energy/money saving possible way is to do an energy audit on your home. What I have found, while running my own regular audits, is that two tools work quite well together to help you find the best path ways to saving energy, and saving money.

Eliminate Phantom Power Drain Save Money and Electricity!

Today, many of the appliances, both large and small, and electronic devices in our homes draw a small amount of power even while they are switched off. As much as three quarters of the electricity used to power many of these devices goes through these devices while the devices are off.

Want to Save Money and Electricity? Money and Energy Saving Tips For Computer Users

A large portion of the world today uses computers, and, though they consume only a small amount of power compared to a clothes dryer, they still consume power. Using them wisely and energy efficiently saves you money on your energy bills, and reduces the resources needed to create that power.

Is it Time to Reprogram Your Thermostat to Save Money and Energy?

As children move out of the house and off to school, reprogram your thermostat to save money and energy and always look for opportunities to save money and energy as your life changes.

Cut Your Paper Use in Half ... Do You Duplex?

You can save a lot of money -- and paper -- by printing on both sides of the sheet. Since one-sided printing only uses one side of the paper, you can see how you can quickly and easily save as much as 50% on paper costs.

Save Money and Energy on Holiday Lighting

The holidays are coming rapidly upon us. It's a festive time. One for celebration, family, food, friendship, and fun... and decorating our homes with lights. Beautiful, colorful, watt and money-sucking lights. Here's how to save money and energy and still light your home beautifully.

Your Clothes Dryer is a Big Energy User - Use it Wisely and Save Money

Save money and energy - smart clothes drying, either hanging on a line, or by using your clothes dryer well, is the best way.

Want to Save Money and Electricity? Use the Energy Saving Air-Dry Cycle on Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers use a great deal of energy during the drying cycle. Avoid the dry cycle and you save energy -- and money.

Want to Save Money and Energy? Use Your Heating and Air Conditioning Wisely

You can save a lot of money and energy by using your home heating and home cooling system efficiently and well.

Save Money and Save Energy With Compact Fluorescent and LED Bulbs

Changing the lamps in your home from incandescent to CFL or L.E.D. will save you a great deal of money and energy, so it is definitely worthwhile starting to do so as quickly as possible.

The Home Power Monitor - How Power Monitoring Can Save You Money

A home power monitor can help you find the devices in your home that are consuming -- and in many cases, wasting -- power. Then stop it to save money and save power.

Home Energy Saving Tips -- DIY Money Saving Energy Audit

Looking for home energy saving tips because your energy bills never seem to go down? You buy the latest energy saving product, like compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), and turn down your thermostat as all the energy saving tips suggest, but your energy costs just don’t go down. Before you spend another dime on another energy saving device, let’s pause a moment, take a deep breath, and review.

Energy Saving Bulbs Save Money and Energy

By switching to energy saving bulbs technology from traditional incandescent type lamps, you can save energy and save money on your energy bills.

Wind or Solar Power -- Which is Better?

Many people want a real opinion these days: "Wind or Solar Power. Which is Better?"

My real opinion, and the best answer is, "Both!" Use both forms of green energy, and take advantage of the benefits of each -- a win/win.

3 Simple Things People Should Do to Consume Less Energy and Save it For Future Generations

Consume less energy and save it for future generations. We're always hearing we should, but how?

Here are three simple steps that we can take individually to consume less energy -- and if we use consume less energy, we save it for future generations... and we are saving money. Take these simple steps and start saving today.

Can Energy Efficient Shower Heads Make Hot Water Last?

Energy efficient, or "low flow" shower heads - use less water while you shower, so they make hot water last longer. This saves you energy and money.

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Compare Energy Prices, Switch Utilities,
and Save Money!

With www.EnergyPrices123.com, you can save on utilities in deregulated states, and also on monthly expenses such as cable, internet, home phone, and cell phone plans in EVERY state. Use the online calculator to see how much you’ll save! This site has free information about saving energy, saving money, and alternative energy options, and green energy options as well.

One of the best things you can do at home to save
energy and money is a
Do It Yourself Energy Audit.

Dave Andersen has an outstanding and extremely complete DIY Energy Audit Kit. It includes everything you need starting with very complete instructions, and it contains several Excel Spreadsheets that will help you calculate where your energy is going and how best to inprove your home's energy efficiency and save money.

Easy Home Improvement Projects - Complete DYI step by step instructions for home improvement projects, repairs, maintenance, remodeling and more. Save money by doing the work yourself and increase your home's value.

Frugal Minded.com

Let Frugal Minded show you how to be frugal and save money. Living within ones means does not mean going without. Here you will find quick and easy recipes, where to shop to get the best deals, how to decorate or repair your home, and almost everything in between so you can be living the frugal life.

Easy Food Dehydrating

Now for a Completely Different Take on Saving Money!

Here is a site dedicated to saving money by dehydrating foods for long-term storage - the best way to beat the ravaging effects of high-inflation and a possible food shortage. We will also have information on food storage containers. Visit Easy-Food-Dehydrating.com for lots of information about this valuable way to preserve foods for long periods of time while using less energy.

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