Wind Or Solar Power
Which is Better?

By Dan Davenport

Many people want a real opinion these days: "Residential Solar Panels or Residential Wind Turbines - Which will lead to better energy savings"

My real opinion, and the best answer is, "Both!" Use both renewable energy technology systems, and take advantage of the benefits of each -- a win/win.

Roof Top Solar PanelsLook at these two green energy sources more closely. The main disadvantage of residential solar panels: night equals no electricity, and overcast days equal reduced output. On the other hand, the main disadvantage of residential wind turbines: without being too obvious... no wind means no power. In many places, that happens quite often.

Home Windmill GeneratorHowever, many times the wind is blowing when it is overcast or at night, so windmills for electricity can produce electricity when solar cannot. In addition, many times, the wind will not be blowing during the daylight hours when a solar energy system is creating electricity -- you are still getting energy. In addition, if the wind is blowing during the day when your solar panels are creating electricity, you get even more energy.

You can see how these two technologies, wind turbines for the home or home solar panels, complement and supplement each other. The key is to store the energy for times when supply is low. Today, the only option is many batteries. However, batteries are getting better and better: able to store more energy, in a smaller space, for longer and longer periods, and all for less money.

Moreover, more and more people adding residential solar panels AND residential wind turbines to their homes, equals greater and greater demand for better batteries -- and greater demand equals more, and better, batteries.

So adding both a do it yourself solar panel system and do it yourself wind power generators to your home makes the most sense. Get energy when the sun is shining -- and when it's not; and get energy when the wind is blowing -- and when it's not.

Copyright 2010 Dan Davenport

Dan Davenport wants the world to be a greener place ... intelligently. If we use the energy resources we already have wisely, and exploit viable, renewable energy sources, it is good for the planet, we will save money, and, not only we, but future generations, can continue to live comfortably.

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