Can Energy Efficient Shower Heads Make Hot Water Last?

By Dan Davenport

Shower HeadEnergy efficient showerheads - or "low flow" showerheads - use less water while you shower, so they make hot water last longer. This saves energy and money.

Reduce the flow of water through your showerhead and you reduce the use of hot water. You could take a "Navy Shower:"

  • Turn the water on and wet down
  • Turn the water off and soap up
  • Turn the water on and rinse
  • Turn the water off

... And save a lot of hot water - but most people would rather take a full shower, so a water saving showerhead is the best route. Or, of course, without seeming flip, you can always save water by showering with a friend. Good for relationships, good for the earth, and makes lots of sense - it’s good clean fun. To paraphrase an old adage about marriage, two can shower as cheaply as one - almost.

There are many different types of low flow showerheads: ones designed for normal water pressure, ones designed for homes with lower water pressure, ones with various "massage" features, and just plain and simple... showerheads that use less water. There are even energy efficient showerheads that inject air into the water stream claiming to improve your skin so you feel more refreshed. Look for the water saving showerhead that best suits your needs and your budget.

The important thing is always think about ways to consume less water - which will consume less hot water and less energy - and energy efficient shower heads certainly make your hot water last longer. By switching to water and energy saving Low Flow showerheads, you’ll save a great deal of energy, reduce your utility bills, reduce resources used to create the hot water, and save them for future generations. Even if you create the power yourself with your own wind and solar generators - or solar water heaters, if you use less, you will have more for other things - and for future generations.

Copyright 2010 Dan Davenport

Dan Davenport wants the world to be a greener place -- intelligently. If we use the energy resources we already have wisely, and exploit viable, renewable energy sources, it is good for the planet, we will save money, and, not only we, but future generations, can continue to live comfortably.

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P.S. A while back we replaced our shower head with a newer low flow model, the WaterPik EcoFlow 563. Big difference, and a good one. Here is a blog post about the new shower head -- which is an excellent choice for anyone looking to save water and energy -- and therefore, save money.

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