Save Money and Cut Your Paper Use in Half ... Do You Duplex?

By Dan Davenport

You can save a lot of money -- and cut paper use in half -- by using Duplex Printing or Duplexing -- printing on both sides of the sheet. Since one-sided printing -- simplex -- only uses one side of the paper, you can see how you can quickly and easily save as much as 50% on paper costs.

In addition to saving many trees, you will be handling, moving, and storing only half as much paper. This will save file space, and will make it much easier should you ever have to move all those printed documents -- and less expensive for documents you need to mail. Just ... Duplex.

Many printers, especially the heavier duty units found in larger offices, have Duplex Printing capabilities built in. Simpler printers used in the home or in small offices may not have Duplex Printing directly available. It is easy, however, to print a multi-page document to both sides of the sheet. Different computers and different programs will have different ways to accomplish manual two-sided, Duplex Printing for printers without this feature -- but even simple, inexpensive ink jet printers can do it.

At the heart of Duplex Printing with printers that do not have the function built in is to print the even numbered pages first, then flip the printed sheets over, reinsert them into the paper supply, and print the odd numbered pages. Caution here: you MUST print the even numbered pages first, and then the odd numbered pages or it doesn’t work. Experiment with a simple two-page document to get the hang of how to turn the paper, and once you have it down, you’ll start seeing the savings right away.

The Print Dialog screen is the place to set Duplex Printing. First, the printer dialog screen that comes from the Printer may have a Manual Duplex click box. You may have to click the Properties selection to access this dialog. If it does, select it and follow the instructions. If your printer driver does not have this feature, then look for a place to check Manual Duplex -- then follow the instructions. Or there may be a box or drop down menu to select Print Even Pages and Print Odd Pages. To print the document two sided, select File>Print, then first select Print Even Pages and click Print. After the even pages have printed, flip the paper and place it back into the paper supply. File>Print again, but this time, select Print Odd Pages -- and Print and you have a document correctly printed on both sides of the page -- and you have cut your paper use in half.

The important thing is be your own "Energy and Resource Patrol" and always look for ways to save resources, energy, and money. It is good for the earth and good for your wallet.

Dan Davenport has wants the world to be a greener place - intelligently.

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