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Picture of Nice HomeWelcome to Easy Energy Saving Tips to save money plus Easy Energy Saving Articles and Money Saving Articles from Easy Energy Saving Home. This site is dedicated to helping us all to spread the word about energy savings at home and saving money so we, and future generations, can enjoy comfortable lives without worrying about where our energy will come from.

Today, not only is energy conservation at home good for our planet, but also solar energy and wind energy, plus other alternative energy solutions to create energy saving electric, can also help to save on electricity and lower our energy bills – both as individuals and as societies. If each of us creates an Easy Energy Saving Home to save our hard-earned cash on our energy bills today, we will also be making life easier – and less expensive – for future generations who will live on our planet. These easy home energy saving tips and easy saving energy articles will help us all.

These are exciting and challenging times we live in today. The world is changing – for the better. As humans, through our own ingenuity and ambition, we have changed the way we live making it pretty easy to keep our homes warm, well lit, safe, and very livable. Unfortunately, what we do now, though comfortable, is not easily sustainable – we just can’t keep living like this forever, because future generations won’t be able to sustain this inefficient level of energy consumption. But does that mean we have to return to cold dark days and nights? No Way!

Rooftop Solar PanelsSo today, in addition to finding more and better ways to efficiently use the energy we have, we’re finding more and better ways to easily bring energy savings with industrial and residential solar panels and homemade solar energy, plus industrial and homemade wind energy into our lives. Combined with better and more efficient lighting, insulating, heating, cooling, cleaning, food storage, and preparation, it all works together to make life less expensive for us to live and ensuring better lives for future generations. Easy energy saving tips so everyone wins!

This web site is not for the people who would have us turn off all lights, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, radios, computers, stop driving our automobiles, and return to fire lit caves.... it's not for folks who would have us believe that the world's coastlines will be under water next Tuesday. Of course, we don't support those on the opposite end of the spectrum who feel that there is no such thing as Global Warming, and, in fact, we are heading into a period of Global Cooling. Neither side can be totally right – or totally wrong. Reality will lie somewhere in between those two extremes. That’s why we’re here – to share the best home energy conservation tips plus the best money and energy saving articles to save energy and money for ourselves while being good for the future of our planet.

Deep Sea Oil RigOur earth’s resources are finite – they will end someday far in the future. When they do, life will get very difficult for people living here, our far off descendants – for whom there may not be enough resources to keep warm. Plus, basic supply and demand will drive up the cost of the resources as they get scarcer and scarcer. But we will never run out of solar energy and wind energy.

Row of Wind GeneratorsWhere does that leave us? Let’s not focus on the extremes or dire predictions. Let's use our easy energy saving tips and wisely conserve energy and our resources as much as possible. And at the same time, we must exploit alternative sources of power so that before the fossil based energy resources become scarce and the cost becomes prohibitive for major portions of our world, we have used them as carefully as possible and worked very diligently to create newer ways to conserve energy and become less resource intensive – renewable – sources of energy on which we can live. That means that today, we need to; Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and make the most of our resources. Consume less energy and create useful energy more efficiently – and The Easy Energy Saving Home will give us a great start.

The side benefit to becoming energy savers with these easy energy saving conservation tips is that we will also be creating fewer greenhouse gasses as we live. Whether or not these are causing problems as some believe, by reducing them, we will certainly be doing no harm, and we may very well be doing a great deal of good.

Solar PanelsHere at The Easy Energy Saving Home, we advocate energy savings, energy efficiency, and energy sufficiency. We must use our energy wisely – all of it – and augment it more and more with homemade wind power and residential solar panels for homemade solar power, solar energy systems, plus energy company supplied wind and solar power, plus tidal, hydro, nuclear, and other renewable energy technology; everything that creates power to keep us warm, comfortable, well illuminated, and safe. Then, our natural energy supplies can be plentiful for centuries to come.

Snow Covered HomeEvery family should have the opportunity to be together in a warm, safe, well lit home – family life around the home "fire." Energy savings at home and keeping the house warm, well lit, and comfortable so we can raise our families and live our lives to the fullest, secure in the knowledge that the lives we live today will be sustainable for many, many, many future generations. Not only will we live well, but future generations will also enjoy life the same, if not better, than we enjoy today.

Green Pays Graph So what is The Easy Energy Saving Home all about? Our goal is to provide easy energy saving tips, and tips to save money, either directly or link to many, many solutions to help us all save money on energy costs and lower our utility bills today plus share ideas on how to use alternative energy and energy saving products while moving us to a sustainable energy future for the generations that follow us on our planet.

We’re here to provide the home energy conservation tips and the money saving tips at home that answer the questions that many people have:

Of course, the answer to all of the above is... Absolutely!

And we will be building a blog for people to interact and share ideas. We may know a great deal about this, but we don’t know anywhere near all of it. But if we share ideas, we will all learn more, save money, be kind to our planet, and help future generations. So visit often.

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